How can I track my order?

All our orders go through the Shippit platform, so you’ll be receiving email updates on the progress and status of your order.

Why do I have to buy bundles?

Shippit offers bundles for our products to ensure that you are always getting a competitive price. Additionally, our bundled amounts have been determined from data on merchant order volume and size, making it more efficient and saving you time from coming back to order more supplies.

What if I want custom branded products?

If you are interested in custom branding on products, please email your order volumes, dimensions and design specifications for branded requests to supplies@shippit.com and we can liaise with our supplier network to understand the feasibility of this option.

Can I get an exchange or refund on any of the products?

Shippit Supplies does not offer an exchange or refund for any of the products.

What if my product arrived damaged?

If you believe that your product has arrived damaged, please contact us at supplies@shippit.com with your order reference number to submit an enquiry.

I ordered a printer and it’s faulty, what should I do?

All of the printers we offer come equipped with a warranty to ensure that you are protected against any faults or defects that are out of your control.

The store doesn’t have the dimensions/size that I need, where can I order them?

Shippit has used data to determine the range of products and our dimensions will meet most of our merchant's needs. If you have specific requirements for your products, please contact us at supplies@shippit.com.

My order is marked as complete.

If you have been tracking your order and it has been marked as ‘complete’ without you receiving it, please contact us at supplies@shippit.com with your tracking number.

My order is missing an item, what should I do?

If you have received your order and its missing products, please contact us at supplies@shippit.com with your order reference number.

How much is shipping going to cost?

We offer free shipping on all our products!

How do I view/edit my account information?

To view/edit your account information, log in to your account and click My Account. On this page, you will be able to view/edit your information on the left.

When will my credit card be charged after placing an order?

Once you place an order with your credit card, you will be charged immediately.

I have a discrepancy with the charges on my card, what should I do?

If you believe there was a discrepancy with the amount charged to you on an order, please contact us at supplies@shippit.com with your order number and the amount that you believe to be incorrect.

Can I have an account to access better pricing for larger orders?

At this stage, Shippit has secured highly competitive pricing for all customers. If you would like better prices for larger orders, we can liaise with our supplier network on your behalf. Please provide your expected order volumes and a snapshot of order history to supplies@shippit.com.